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For 35 years I was telling everybody I was a 1/5er. If you knew him or have info from WWII he was in the Island Hopping campaign and also spent time in China and Phillipines. I would like to find others who served from 1948 - 1952. 12510 Shadoe Hollow Rd., NE Cumberland, MD 21502 301-777-3789 Back To Top I Wish To Thank Each And Everyone I Served With. (cruzer) 48-53, Served in Korea with W-2-5 as squad leader in 81mm mortar platoon ( Jan-Oct, 51). Would like to hear fron any former Korean W-2-5 Marines. Johnson City, TN 37601 423-926-6950 [email protected] To Top 2/5 H&S Battalion Supply March 68 to June 69 I arrived in Phu Bai March 68 and was assigned to 2/5 Battalion Supply. I became NCO in charge of BN Supply and was assigned to Da Nang where my driver "Rich" and another (who's name has slipped me) ran supply runs from Da Nang to An Hoa almost daily in a stolen Sea Bee's 6-by. 42 Bittersweet Drive Doylestown, PA 18901 215-345-5350 [email protected] To Top ARRIVED WITH 2ND BTN 5TH IN KOREA DEC 1954- ARRIVED MARGARITA MAY 55. I DON'T REMEMBER EVER GETTING BORED IN 2ND BTN 5TH! I am starting a book on my experiences in Vietam (65-66)& (69-70).

Wildomar, CA 92595 909-678-0624 [email protected] To Top Going through old records and found I was with 2/5 at Pendleton instead of 1/5. Avenue L Clifton, TX 76634 254-675-2332 [email protected] To Top I am looking for coner, i was in boot camp with him. He was from up north calf, I all ways jocked with him i said is this calif, well you can have it. His name was Wilbur Lyle but went by the nickname Corny. I'm interested in contacting Ben Harding (fox co)from oregon ,rick campbell (fox) of w va ,jeff morgon (H&S suply), Tony hand,mike lilligard ,sully,or any other people that remember us crazy bastards! ALSO INCIDENT AT MESS HALL WHEN SOME YOKEL DROPPED A GERNADE AFTER A DUD SWEEP AND BLEW OUT ALL THE WINDOWS I, M NOT SURE HOW MANY WERE INJURED. #428 Mesa, AZ 85212 480-984-4236 [email protected] To Top I was the S-3 of 2/5 Sept.69-Jan.70.

Miss my friends Cookie Monster, Danimal, Forty, Magnum, and Doc-J. Serving with 2/5 was one of the greatest experiences of my life.81s Plotter to Bn. H company 25th marines 1967/68 Hco Pima, AZ 85543 928-485-2215 [email protected] To Top I served in 2/5 from April 17, 1999 - Oct. Where I had the opportunity to meet some of the best group of Marines I have ever met. If anyone was with 2/5 BN Supply from 68 - 69 and remembers "John Doe" send me a e-mail message. Became a Bn.training NCO at Camp Le June until release from active duty June 28,1967. Port Charlotte, FL 33952 941-235-4774 [email protected] To Top What a wonderful site. There were numerous (nameless ops) and I did all the 'camping out' I ever want to do..am planning to go to Vietnam this spring (2004) for a Ham Radio Expedition and see what I knew back then was beautiful countryside..time without bullets, napalm etc. I was a radio operator/motorcycle scout with H&S 2/5 COMM.

Was known as "Mouse" and "echo 4 echo alpha alpha". Phu Loc Province, rode alot of convoys to check Hill 52 (Farmer Hill) all the way to Liberty Bridge. I was just thinking of old times and was wondreing if I could finde some of frindes I was in nam with. I would say the Good Lord was looking out for Rich and myself that afternoon. Most of my time I was signed out to an 81mm FO and went through five of them during my tour. Vista, CA 92084 760-726-5301 [email protected] To Top 1/89 - 10/92 Camp Margarita, Camp San Mateo, Okinawa, USS Dubuque, Desert Storm/Al Wafra Forest.

So I don't have a lot of memories while I was there (i feel like it was all a dream )but I do remember a few people. Semper Fi 390 East 5th Street South Boston, MA 02127 [email protected] To Top Served in 2/5 from Oct.1990-Sept1993. I was first assigned to Hotel Company for a few months and then reassigned to H&S, S-3 Operations. I do have pictures from that time if you are interested in copies. in charge of the An Hoa LZ from December 1969 to May 1970.

Even saw a NVA flag flying from the tree line on our left just miles from the bridge. 7, 1969 Vietnam I was a 2533 (Radio Op) and was 'farmed' out to various companies and locations from our first spot at An Hoa to anywhere along Hiway 1 to Battle of Hue City.

I'm going to "DC" on 11/29 to 12/3/99 to visit the "Wall" for the first time... I was responsible for Med-Evans, air and naval support plus supplies. Working with the ARVN's and living in villages like Duc Duc in the Arizonas we were always on our toes"... It provides a legacy to be proud of and live up to. Newport, RI 02840 [email protected] To Top I was a Doc with Hotel 2/5 1st Plt in 1967. Elkins, WV 26241 304-636-4365 [email protected] To Top 5th Regimental HQ tech shop from Dec. PO Box 1241 Evans, GA 30809 [email protected] To Top I was in H & S 2/5 1964-65.

Artesia, CA 90701 [email protected] To Top I would be happy to hear from any members of 2/5 who served during my tour. Codispodi with the short solid stature and those bushy eyebrows. Vaughn on field maneuvers and when we got back to garrison, he made Vaughn a Sgt. I saw all the places most of you talk about, Phu Loc Bridge, Arizona, etc.. He arrived in Nam aboard the USS Okanogan on 15 Aug 65 and departed July 66. I wanted to let anyone who knew my brother that he passed away almost 15 years ago from heart failure. Trying to locate additional cooks we served with in Okinawa and Viet Nam. On reaching Battalion strength and after receiving jungle training we left for Vietnam aboard the USS George Climber. Anybody that may know me please get in touch I served with Weapons 2/5 1986- 1991. I was one of three guys to carry the heavisest of mortar gear all 25 (26) miles in the entire history of 0341 history. Semper Fi 6701 Greenvale Parkway Riverdale, MD 20737 301-459-3889 [email protected] To Top I Served With The 81 Mortar Platoon From January 29, 1967 To February 22, 1968. I would really like to hear from anyone that was in 2/5 and would especially like to hear from any of the old 81mm Marines. Participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm '90-'91 with 3rd MAW. As a radio operator I got to work in all the units E, F, G, Weapons I joined the Comm Plt. 5004 Fran Pl., #302 Alexandria, VA 22312 703-941-0414 [email protected] To Top I was in 2/5 from February 5th 1990 until my escape in late August of 1994 and was in the CONAD shop. This whole time was a great experience, and I have many great memories of the people and places, especially during Desert Storm and deployments to Okinawa. Herriman, UT [email protected] To Top Iserved with Weapons 2/5 1983 to 1986. I am now a CPA in Arizona and during the winter work ski patrol at Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff, AZ, where I live. 168 Mill Creek Drive Charlottesville, VA 22902-8715 434-245-8466 [email protected] To Top I was in S-1 Section, Capt. 3856 Oak Forest Drive Bartlett, TN 38135 901-383-2224 [email protected]: Internet Back To Top I with good bunch of marines had some good times hope to here from anyone I served with from 1982 -1985 in h&s company.

His name is Mike Gillespie, USMC, served with 2/5, H&S. I keep in touch with 5-6 other Marines in our old cook section. In 1966 I was assigned to H&S 2/5 as a 2511/2531 at Camp Schwabb, Okinawa. I would like to contact any Marines who were with 2/5 81 motars at that time. While at Chu Lai, I made operations Wyoming, Apache and Colorado. Came to An Hoa Nov 66 and back to the world in Feb 67. I was with the Logistic Support Unit out of Red Beach and attached to 2/5 at An Hoa from Feb. I was in-country with H&S Co, 81mm Mortar Platoon from April 1966 to October 67. Promoted to Gunny meritoriously in 1973 while serving as a hat (8511) at MCRD, San Diego. I am former Marine that served in Vietnam with VMA(AW)225 at Da Nang 70-71. Being in comm plt was an experience I first started off with a PRC-77 and right before I got out we just got issued the Singars. I volunteered for Combined Action Platoon (CAP) duty in Aug 68 and was transferred out of the battalion. Despite having served only six months in 2/5, I have always considered it my parent unit. Shipped out of Long Beach aboard USS Bexar to OKI & Clymer to RVN. 2/5 from 1988 to 1992 with my fellow Marines in CONAD. Highest enisted rank was Gunnery Sergeant and left the Marine Corps in May, 1979 as a CWO-2. I was wounded outside of Hue City on Feb 7, 1968 while on Convoy Security, I received the Silver Star for my actions on that day.

Went in at Phu Bai and went to hwy 1 on the coast and Phu Gia pass. I would like to hear from his friends in the company. I was the communications Radio Supervisor for 2/5 and Col. 4050 Blackstone Ave Gurnee, IL 60031 [email protected] Back To Top 2/5 the Corps' most decorated battalion will as usual set the standard in whipping butt, taking names, and ruining the bad guys' day. Taylorsville, UT 84118 801-982-7023 [email protected] To Top I was With 2/5 a short time as a 81's motorman. Does any one have info on "Operation Imperial Lake II" Please let me know. 4325 Mockingbird Way Fremont, CA 94555 510-673-1266 [email protected] To Top I served with Weapons Co. I must say that I truely miss the old days and the great times that we had overseas. Got hit on Liberty Road coming back from Phu Loc 6 on April 2,1967. I was on the Tarawa in the Gulf and remember the Al Wafra forest. I recall many ops and late nights with Doc Viti and the corpsman group from the Bn Aid Station located in the panhandle of An Hoa, next to our position. Then 3/9 pulled me and another tech named Marshal Porter overseas with them at the end of 1989. left Longbeach with 2/5 9Jan 1966 aboard the USSBaxer Iwas with Bco 1st Shore Party attached to H&S co Landed in Oki in Feb 66 landed in Chu Lai in April 66 pulled a lot of ops with 2/5 running Helicopter Support Teams for them left country the first time in Sept 67 I do remember the air strip at An Hua also the coal mine and Arizona territory very well pulled Arizona 1&2 Was on float with 3/5 for Hastings nice page where are the rest of the fifth marines?????? Not only because of the significant history that makes up this great unit, but also because of the hard-core Marines from which it is made of. We stood lots and lots of guard duty, but in reality, I was an REMF. Don't forget to say a prayer for the Jarheads who are laying it on the line for us all in Iraq. I served with 2/5 from June of 1990 to August of 1992. I was casualty reporter for a long time then was transfered to Battalion mail room for a while .... A person can't ask for too much more than that in this life.

Langley, 2/5 Weapons Co, was killed in action on Nov 7, 2004 in Ramadi. I was in the first wave of the Marines to return from Korea when the 1st Division was withdrawn from Korea. Fruitland Park, FL 34731 [email protected] To Top Served with 1/6 in 1966, arrived 2/5 An Hoa in early December 1966. Spent different times as support for line companies at Phu Loc 6. Hurricane, WV, 25526 (304) 562-3509 ICQ# 15601723 [email protected] To Top I was in 81's Plt from 6/90 to 9/91. Got to see a lot of you at his funeral in Arlington. i was also at An Hoa for 6 months our BAS was next to the tanks. would love to hear from anyone serving in An Hoa, our move to Phubai, Hue, etc... 2610 NW 26th Place Gainesville, FL [email protected] To Top Was In The Motor T Platoon From 1999 Tp 2004 Spent Time In Oki In 2000 2002 And When To Iraq In 2003 Even Got A Involinary Exstention And Did 6 Years In The Corp And 5 Of It In 2/5 Best Of Time And The Worst Of Time Met Some Amazing People And Went To Some Amazing Places I served with Comm Plt, H&S Co. I was a wire/switchboard tech and went overseas with 2/5 in 1988. 15411 River Road East Moline, IL 61244 309-792-1201 [email protected] To Top I retired as a MSGT 2591 comm chief in 1987. It was especially motivating being a member of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine regiment. We are trying to get a reunion together for next year. I was medivaced 8Aug67 after tripping a booby trap near Liberty Bridge and was medically retired. I have been blessed with a good partner (wife) and three successful children.

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We were young and foolish then and made a bad decision to head out alone to catch up with the convoy. We were on that road by ourselves from An Hoa until we got to the Liberty Bridge.

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