Bmw motorcycle dating sites

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Bmw motorcycle dating sites

More and more digitalised, more and more interconnected, more and more automated.During this presentation, the importance of analogue 'oases' becomes apparent, which give people the feeling of freedom back.It serves as a wind guide and together with the integrated windscreen, ensures aerodynamically optimised airflow.

Above the front wheel, a large metallic reflector is integrated in the frame.

Freedom means experiencing the environment with all your senses, and feeling centrifugal forces, acceleration and the wind. The BMW motorcycle VISION NEXT 100 doesn't need that either.

Because the "digital companion" – a functional unit consisting of motorcycle and our own version of rider's equipment – ensures a high degree of safety.

In the side-on view, the vision vehicle looks naked.

Accordingly, ergonomics and seat position are set up like on a roadster.

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A time when mobility is yet more diverse and interconnected; a time when digitalisation takes on a shape which we today perceive to be surreal; a time when motorcycling becomes an analogue and at the same time extraordinarily emotional experience.

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