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Chat free sex toy

" Sarah squealed as Xavier playfully held up a large black dildo. I thought you would enjoy that one," he joked, smiling devilishly at her."Stop, I brought you here to help, not distract me from my mission," she scolded.

Sarah adjusted her skirt and hopped out of the car, leaving Xavier to pay the cab and wrangle the bags."Thank you for a wonderful night," Sarah whispered as turned to face him so she could press her lips to his.Their bodies fully touched, his finding each of her curves and melting into them.Her head was tilted back causing her blonde hair to cascade and encircle her face, while long creamy legs were splayed open, leaving no ambiguity over what she was after. "Good, now stop enjoying yourself and allow me my turn." Kneeling between her open legs, he inserted the plastic dildo into her and hit the vibration button."I've ordered the toys in terms of my expectations. Anything less than three will lead me to believe that you're not even trying and slackers get punishments, not rewards. The thing immediately buzzed to life, and Sarah started to moan.

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As he began to pull off his clothes, Sarah stopped him, "No need to undress. IF I deem your job well done, I'll consider rewarding you." She barked the command at him, ensuring there was no room for negotiations.