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Specimens from Bay Bulls were kept alive in a mesocosm with artificial seawater for one year before being flash frozen at −30°C.

Frozen specimens were thawed immediately prior to processing.

For this study only portions of the algal skeleton that had formed prior to field collection were analyzed in order to avoid sampling skeletal material formed during the mesocosm experiment.

All steps in the preparation of skeletons were conducted at room temperature, and the materials obtained were stored at 4°C until further analysis.

Algae were maintained in a mesocosm setting for calibration purposes using light and temperature conditions reflecting the natural environment at their site of collection before being frozen at −30°C.

Freezing was done to prevent contamination by bacteria or fungi prior to analysis.

Thus, it is crucial to obtain a detailed understanding of their calcification process.

We here extracted calcified skeletal organic matrix components including soluble and insoluble fractions from the widely-distributed Subarctic and Arctic coralline alga Clathromorphum compactum.

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We also successfully purified algal proteins (paper in preparation) from the same samples used for the present study (both soluble and insoluble organic matrices), which provides additional evidence that samples were contamination-free.