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Dampudu biyyam online dating

Chandrababu Naidu’s plan to popularise and promote traditional and authentic Andhra cuisine internationally has sent a team of the Tourism wing on a delicious trail of identifying and moderating to add nutritional value to the most authentic traditional dishes, some of which are on the verge of extinction.

A team led by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority (APTA) Joint Director Sudha Kumar, a culinary expert, is currently engaged in identifying and perfecting healthy recipes.

Telugu people, especially in cities, So far everything looks fine.

The difficult part for you will be to find brown rice in the Hyderabad market. We could only find it regularly in SPAR super market.

But, in case of Brown rice, the bran layer, which is said to have rich fibre content, is retained and hence makes the brown rice more nutritional.

Instead of using machine, if the rice is processed using some hand techniques, then it is called . As brown rice requires less processing, don’t assume that it costs less than white rice.

Under the hull, there lies a brown layer called as ‘bran’ layer, which is usually removed while polishing to produce white rice.Method of cooking and use of traditional utensils like brass vessels and earthen pots, not seen much these days, is yet another focus area.The recipes thus culled out will be referred to a team of nutritionists for their expert advice and endorsement besides roping in an ayurvedic doctor to present his point of view on the identification of medicinal value of each recipe.Kumar and cites the example of a unique idli-making practice in Ambajipet of Konaseema region. Fermented idli batter is wrapped in jackfruit leaves in the shape of a cone and steam-cooked.The aroma of jackfruit leaves enhances the flavour of the idli, lending the dish a unique touch,” explains Mr.

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Though it was invented over a century back, it took many decades before people slowly got out of the habit of eating brown rice.