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Dating site for cheating spouses

But what became of the marriages of the guilty parties, whose secret infidelity was suddenly not-so-secret at all?One man who was exposed in the hacking has now spoken out about what happened to him in an article for the LA Times. He’d been married for 19 years, and although he’d been faithful to his wife the whole time, the excitement in their relationship had fizzled: “Call it a midlife crisis, poor judgment or a cheater’s heart. We had not taken a vacation without children in years.” Thomas retired from his corporate job early, bought a Harley Davidson and got a tattoo - so far, so midlife crisis.The website Ashley Madison brazenly matches people seeking extramarital affairs. Despite the hack the Ashley Madison website has continued to operate.Some of the names and emails are fictitious, but still, millions of marriages could be in peril as spouses learn what that late night shopping has really been about."They weren't counting on a hacker to obtain that data," said Kim Zetter the senior writer at Wired magazine who first revealed the hack. The company says it has closed the unauthorized access points and that the hackers are criminals, "appointing themselves" as "moral judge, juror and executioner."The hackers who call themselves the "Impact Team" claim they are just exposing security flaws in a site offering a, "100 percent discrete service."Police in Canada and the FBI are investigating the hack.If all else fails, you can hire a professional investigator to find out for certain whether your signifigant other is using a dating site.

Generally speaking this is If you see an app name you don’t recognize, Google it to see if it’s intended as a dating or cheating app.And now a lot of secrets are out because they were exposed by hackers.The hack exposed around 32 million names, emails and physical addresses of people signed up for Ashley Madison. Government accounts including in the State Department and Justice Department and to top secret defense contractors including Raytheon."If those are legitimate, if those activities can be directly matched with real people in government and people who might hold sensitive office, that creates some potential for blackmail," said Zetter.Unfortunately, dating sites and apps allow people to have secret interactions and flirtations and, in some cases, entire relationships without the risk of their partners catching them in the act.Fortunately, these sites aren't necessarily as anonymous as would be adulterers and cheaters would like to believe.

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