Ghanaians abroad dating site

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Ghanaians abroad dating site

The EC was also handed 12 months to ensure the relevant Legal Instruments backing elections is put in place.

The applicants, together with their lawyer Samson Lardy Anyenini welcomed the verdict as a feather in the country's democratic cap.

The Communication Director of the Electoral Commission (EC) says they welcome the Accra High Court's ruling to allow Ghanaians abroad to vote.

Eric Kofi Dzapkasu said the ruling only reinforces an existing law and strengthens the plans of the Commission towards the execution of the Representation of the People’s Amendment Law (ROPAL) process.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has dismissed claims that it has sanctioned the deportation of undocumented Ghanaians living abroad.

For an EC whose leadership is in complete turmoil and with three of its Commissioners battling a possible impeachment, it is not clear if the body will be in the right frame of mind to put the Legislative Instruments together.Although the law was passed in 2006, the EC has given several excuses why it was impossible to implement at the time.But the Director of Communication assured that the challenges with finances will be dealt with when all stakeholders agree on the model to be implemented.She also indicated that much as missions abroad could not interfere in the affairs of any sovereign country, to have the status of undocumented Ghanaians regularised, she would engage those countries to ensure that our nationals are treated in a humane manner, whenever the need arises and do all that she can to protect their interest, by extending to them all the consular assistance that they are entitled to as Ghanaians.Against the backdrop of an earlier question on Ghanaians bringing their experience, knowledge and skills to bear on our national development, the Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional integration added that Ghana's missions abroad could meet with our compatriots in the diaspora and appeal to them to come home to assist whenever they were disposed to. The Ministry of Foreign affairs and Regional Integration has not issued directives for the deportation of any Ghanaians living abroad.

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