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In addition, there are no data on smoking prevalence among transgender people.We therefore have restricted our discussion to LGBs.) There is no extant census of LGB periodicals, and many have been published erratically or for brief periods only. We selected the magazines on the basis of their circulation and consistent publication history, with the addition of the smaller periodicals to gain demographic breadth.All reported data achieved an adjusted κ score of between 0.7 and 1; 37% of reported variables achieved adjusted κ score of 0.90 or greater.(κ values were adjusted to account for the homogeneity of the material.) Coding of the perceived race of the person depicted did not achieve a κ score over 0.70; it is not used in the analysis and is not reported.Periodicals were classified in terms of their primary audience: lesbian, gay male, or both sexes.Several of the periodicals ceased publication during the study period; audience and circulation information was unavailable for most of those.Items were classified as being anti-tobacco if they referred to cessation or to any social (for example, bad breath) or health related harm of smoking or portrayed smoking as undesirable.Pro-tobacco imagery associated tobacco use with glamour, popularity, success, and the like.

Major LGB print media have two primary forms: national magazines and community newspapers.

Lesbian periodicals had proportionally more NAST and fewer cessation ads.

Conclusions: Cigarette ads were outnumbered by NAST.

This study examined LGB print media for commercial tobacco imagery as a potential source of influence on LGB smoking prevalence.

whether of media (for example, televised sports events) or type (for example, “lifestyle” advertising) as the primary advertiser is usually not regulated by tobacco product ad bans.

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