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He has lost any sense of shame and he now lies so blatantly that we can imagine the faces of EPO workers who read this ‘blog’ post of his (warning: link). Probably not because a few months ago he help defend the same lies about patent quality (in a private event that was publicly reported on). His lips utter words, which leave an odorous puddle of lies afoot.

It was promoted in the Organisation’s Twitter account some hours ago. We suppose that a rebuttal to these lies is in order because staff must have noticed these lies. Let’s look at the latest evidence of a decline in patent quality (as the EPO itself is unable to safely investigate the matter; staff representatives who merely brought up the subject were severely reprimanded by two Vice-Presidents). The EPO‘s Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) with Canada, which we mentioned on Tuesday morning, is now officially “news” (several days after it actually started).

Based on the above tweets, which someone told us about, some former EPO staff representatives are going to have their cases heard and decided on.How about looking into legal abuses of Battistelli? How about constitutional issues associated with UPC?While the EC/EP/EU (or the Committee on Legal Affairs) looked the other way more EPO staff committed suicide and the institution became synonymous with lawlessness.What we see there is Margot Fröhlinger pushing UPC agenda. We have made local copies just in case the above expire (or get removed, which is inevitable one day).“During the course of the morning session, the delegation was welcomed by the EPO’s president, Mr. It looks like in order for the UPC agenda to be pushed they were willing to accept Battistelli’s many abuses. So, uploaded earlier this month or last month were all these documents that could probably be made public a long time ago. The “Committee on Legal Affairs” they call themselves.

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Where were these ‘public’ servants when that happened?

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