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If you see some typos or misinformation; let me know. Sanatorium is a modern Latinism formed from Sanare, to cure, restore to health and sanus, whole, healthy, well.Actually, if you found this site at all useful or informational, I’d like to hear from you. A sanatorium is an establishment where a person suffering from disease, or convalescents, may be received for medical treatment, rest cures and the like. In 1902 the Wisconsin Legislature responded to pressure from Progressives and public health reformers and authorized the creating of a commission to study the problem of tuberculosis in Wisconsin. La Follette instructed a three-person commission to investigate tuberculosis in the state, its treatment and prevention, and the practicality of a state sanatorium.

Ethan Allen School is scheduled to be closed at the end of June 2011.

Statesan, Wisconsin could never be found on any map, but its postmark is common on postcards and letters mailed from the sanatorium.

After his humble beginnings at the sanatorium, Will Ross went on to found a much larger company, Will Ross, Inc., becoming one of the largest hospital supply companies in the country.

The State Historical Society in Madison has some patient’s records and much miscellaneous stuff (about 55 boxes full).

I have some patient newsletters from the mid to late 40's to near close in 1957, but it’s a tedious search to find a name.

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The cottages at the sanatorium had two “porches” extending from a central dayroom/nursing station area.

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