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After the violence, Turks began moving from isolated rural areas into Turkish enclaves.

The Greek Cypriot leadership felt the establishment of the peace-keeping force set aside the rights of intervention granted to Britain, Greece, and Turkey by the Treaty of Guarantee, while the Turkish Cypriot leadership felt the UN presence had reinforced the provisions of the treaty.(Cyprus, 1993)The Greek Cypriot government formed the National Guard.

President Vasiliou called it the most important resolution on the Cyprus problem to date.

A recent Secretary General report concluded that attempts to negotiate a solution to the conflict are blocked largely because of the TRNC's refusal to abandon its negative position.

Some two thousand Cypriots were later convicted of crimes related to the violence. His removal left less moderate forces in control of EOKA, and the level of violence subsequently increased. The constitution provided for a Greek Cypriot president, a Turkish Cypriot vice president, a council of ministers with seven Greeks and thee Turks, and a House of Representatives of 50 members.

A press report stated that the average difference in annual income between Greek and Turkish Cypriots had widened from 5 in 1976 to 41 in 1987.

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Clerides, who won 50.3% of the vote to Vasiliou's 49.7%, said he would postpone UN sponsored peace talks with TRNC President Denktas and launch an intensive effort to gain entry to the EU.

(Financial Times)Cyprus protested to the UN over alleged looting of part of the TRNC town of Farmagusta by Turkish soldiers.

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It recommended the implementation of measures including a 50% reduction in all occupation forces, disengagement from the front line, the return of Farmagusta to the government of Cyprus, and free movement across the buffer zone to promote good will.

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