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Who is olivia benson dating 2016

stock The Cellar, located below Kelly's Part owner of Metro Court Former Co-owner of Club 101 with Jasper Jacks Former Co-owner of Deception Cosmetics Former physical therapist at General Hospital 657 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York Formerly 607 Braidwood Trace, Port Charles, New York Formerly at Rose Lawn Sanitarium Formerly on Harbor View Road, Port Charles (Alcazar's mansion) Formerly an apartment in Port Charles Formerly the cottage house Formerly 243 Skycliff Road, Port Charles, New York (The Skycliff House) Formerly 122 Harbor View Drive, Port Charles, New York (Harbor View Towers: Penthouse 4) Formerly 66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York (Quartermaine Mansion) Alan "A. (divorced) Sonny Corinthos (Married: Sep 2000; renewed vows: Feb 2001; divorced) Sonny Corinthos (Married: 2002; divorced) Sonny Corinthos (Married: Jan 16, 2007; divorced) Lorenzo Alcazar (Married: June 10, 2005; divorced) Jasper Jacks [Married: Apr 27, 2007; divorced: Apr 5, 2013] John Durant (biological father) Bobbie Spencer (biological mother) Frank Benson (adoptive father; deceased) Virginia Benson (adoptive mother) Barbara Jean Jones (half-sister; via adoption; deceased) Lucas Jones (half-brother; via adoption) Tim Spencer (biological maternal grandfather) Lena Spencer (biological maternal grandmother; deceased) Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr. (cousin) Ethan Lovett (cousin) Lesley Lu Spencer (cousin) Valerie Spencer (cousin) Michael Corinthos III (son; with A. Quartermaine, later adopted by Sonny) Unnamed Child (May 2000; son; miscarriage; with Sonny) Morgan Stone Corinthos (son; with Sonny) Unnamed Child (March 2008; miscarriage; with Jax) Josslyn Jacks (daughter; with Jax) [Nov 4, 2009] Mr. All Carly could see was the life that Bobbie lived now.

Roberts Jason Morgan (one-night stand) Tony Jones (affair; deceased) A. Quartermaine (one-night stand) Sonny Corinthos (affair) Roy Di Lucca (flirtation) Zander Smith (kissed) Lorenzo Alcazar (affair) Steven Lars Webber (dated) Patrick Drake (dated) Jasper Jacks (engaged) Shawn Butler (kissed) Johnny Zacchara (lovers) Todd Manning (one-night stand) A. Quartermaine (kissed while pretending to date; later a one-night stand) Julian Jerome (while using the alias Derek Wells, kissed) Robert "Franco" Frank [Engaged: Sep 23, 2014; broken engagement: Nov 3, 2014 (Oct 31, 2014 on the show)] Sonny Corinthos (affair) Stole Charlotte Roberts' identity after she 'died' when they were teenagers Seduced her mother's husband to get back at her mother for putting her up for adoption [1996] Stole drugs from Tony Jones's medical bag [Aug 1997] Drugged A. Carly quickly put her plan in motion and seduced her mother's husband, Tony Jones.

Carly didn't understand that Bobbie had been a teenager living in a brothel and prostituting to support herself.

She resented her birth mother, Bobbie Jones, for giving her up for adoption, and Carly wanted to destroy her mother's life.

She tried to pass the baby off as Tony's, but she revealed the truth during a heated argument with him. Around this time it also came to light that Carly was Bobbie's long lost daughter.

Tony and Carly split, and Carly turned to Jason, who felt sorry for her.

had started drinking again [Aug 1997] Attempted to pass her unborn child off as Tony Jones's child [Fall 1997] Lied about Jason Morgan being her unborn child's biological father [Dec 1997] She shot Tony Jones, her ex, after he was not sent to jail for kidnapping her son [Apr 24, 1998] Breaking and entering; broke into Hannah Scott's apartment to dig up dirt on her [Oct 1999] Broke into Hannah's lock box [Oct 1999] Adultery with Sonny Corinthos (while married to A. [Spring 2008] High risk pregnancy [Spring 2009] Fell down stairs at hospital during fight with Claudia Zacchara [Spring 2009] Sustained a broken wrist after being involved in a car accident [Aug 2011] Stabbed in the arm and given a sedative by Heather Webber [Jan 16, 2014] Hospitalized and treated for minor injuries and dehydration sustained while being held captive by Heather Webber (held captive from Jan 8, 2014 to Feb 12, 2014; hospitalized Feb 12, 2104] Carly arrived in Port Charles in the spring of 1996 with an agenda.

He quickly abducted her and took her to his private yacht where he initially kept her to use as a pawn against Sonny.

They would marry several times over the years and hurt each other deeply, but through it all their friendship would prevail.

Their love was truly tested shortly after Carly got pregnant with their son Morgan.

Believing Sonny was to blame, Ric kidnapped Carly and held her captive in a panic room in his house that even Elizabeth didn't know about.

Ric intended to kill Carly after the baby was born and raise it with Elizabeth.

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Ric realized that he couldn't keep Carly a prisoner any longer and set her free.